Christmas and the silent night

Every year Christmas is coming more surprising.

I mean it is not that the date changes, but it's just that I lose track of it. Lost in working and all the other stuff that is so distracting.

But isn't Christmas the time of silence and for the family?

It surely is, but as I am married, but (yet) without children, me and my wife still don't actually `celebrate┬┤ advent season, though it technically is comparable to the lent period.

It is a time to wait for Christ to arrive at earth. A priest I really adored when I was younger once said:

"Your heart should explode everday, filled with the joy we are to experience in time to come."

Of course, he was speaking German, but still, this was more or less what he said. He is right. We should be overjoyed, and yet we're really not enjoying this time of the year anymore. Not just out of faith, but rather because you are gifted the greatest thing you can get, to spend some time with the ones you love.

For the people in faith it is even more a time to be overjoyed, because Christ is coming, and he will be born into our world.

People are stressed without means and run around to get "the perfect present", even though research showed, that the perfect present is the one that lets you spend time with the one that is presented.

So now that the stressful time is ending, please take the time for your loved ones. It is what you all deserve for a year of hardship.

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